Fast food

Isn't that hamburger delicious? What about that tempting pizza or that good looking kebab? Are you ready to buy it? Have you seen our pro con list regarding the fast food?

  • pretty cheap
  • ready to go
  • perfect for when you are really hungry
  • an easy solution for those who don't feel like cooking or preparing a home made meal
  • you don't have to wait
  • most of the times, a very tasty food
  • it's almost imposible not to find a fast food restaurant in your way to work or to school
  • it's easier to eat from a drive in fast food than to look for a parking place in a crowded area
  • with fast-food restaurants along all roadways, with juicy burgers advertised on television and candies at the checkout counter of any store, who could resist too long?!


  • it's pretty catchy... it's tasty, it's good, it solves the hunger problem and it becomes the solution for every day lunch. High-fat, high-sugar foods are widely available, taste good and cost less than healthier foods
  • the sizes keep increasing, making us more and more dependent on this type of food; in addition, because it is tasty, you'll try to eat the entire "super-size" meal, even if your body doesn't need that much
  • the beautiful pictures with perfect burgers, pizzas or kebabs are so perfect only in magazines and promos
  • the biggest problem of fast food is that it's very easy to find and very accesible for kids; during childhood, they need healthy food, water or natural juice, not soda and activity. In these days, the extensive use of fast food is making children have weight problems, which involve "secondary reactions" like self esteem related problems, dificulty in playing
  • fast food represents elevate risk for diabetes an increased risk of developing insulin resistance according to the results of a study funded by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI)
  • fast food is loaded with calories from refined sugar and fats; it's high in sodium, coming from common salt and other additives and deficient in dietary fiber and essential micro-nutrients like vitamins and minerals
  • fast food means empty calories in the body, stored as body fat. A regular meal at McDonald's (a Big Mac, large fries, and a large Coca-Cola) has 1430 calories. We need 2000 calories for an entire day (depending on factors such as weight, height, physical activity and gender)
  • scientific studies have shown that high-calorie foods rich in fats, refined sugar and salt could reconfigure the hormones in our body, making you addictive


Pro arguments

is fast food good for uuu

you can have fast food any time of day.

Con arguments

fast food

fast food is bad for the environment because they import things from far away countries so their carbon footprint is very large.


Artificial additives in the fast food.

Fast Food

It is un healthy



do you really want to be fat??

Greasy and Fatty!!


fatty fatty and greasy and.. how do u know where the food comes from?? better off buying a frozen dinner that gives you ingredients on the back than a greasy burger in an oily paper bag.



it is disgusting

fast food


if you eat you will become fat
if you become fat girls will not like you
if girls don't like you then you will remain a virgin unless you get a hooker
morale: donot eat fast food or you will remain a virgin

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