Move to Seattle? Or back to Minneapolis?

I'm finishing law school in a different area, need to decide where to start my legal career/life. Where I was before law school and where my family is, or far away, but where I would love to live?


Seattle Pros:

Better weather (in my opinion)
Better scenery (on the ocean and there are mountains)
There are less law schools + a larger population = theoretically less lawyers per capita which theoretically equals a slightly easier time finding employment
Better coffee (I'm an addict and used to work in coffeeshops for 4+ years)
Fresher seafood/better markets (I'm an avid home-chef)


Seattle Cons:

1600 miles from family and friends
If I can't find a job, no family/friends to crash with
The "Seattle Chill" effect - basically, if you aren't from Seattle, it's exceedingly hard to make new friends/build new relationships (according to many sources)

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