pros and cons of labor unions

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they provide support against big companies

unions are good for workers: if workers have a problem with the employer, then they can all ban together
and take care of the problem.

unions allow employees to band together to negotiate for better wages and benefits, and to make sure that everyone is being treated fairly by the employer.

they even help protect minorities, and other subordinated groups, from being wrongfully fired.

it helps all working people, the economy and the future of progressive politics.

provides better and safer work environments.

encourages teamwork and cooperation.

Created jobs for hundreds of people and immigrants.

Put the US one step ahead of the world.

Brought people to the large cities to work insted of farms.

Brought people over from different countries and created america.

Lead to some great accomplishments


bad for the employer: workers can ban together until the employer meets their needs.

employers can become aggressive, and very unfair to try and stop unionization

employers can be charged with unfair labor practice

unions push wages to unreasonable amounts.

employers can be striked against.

striking can make union members look greedy

People were underpaid

Children had to work alongside their parents

the condistioins were terrible in the factories.

people were paid as little as posible so the robbeer barons could make as much money as possible.

rich get richer, the poor get poorer

Pro arguments



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pros and cons of mabor unions

there are also teacher unions

unions a ++

help good american people to fight back against "the man"

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Gives the working people a VOICE

Without unions, the corporations just take over and take away the working people's ability to say what they need to say and their ability to have their needs met. Unions give workers' their voices.

Con arguments


cops cant see your in the union


While staff recieve protection from things such as unpiad overtime they also generally lose all flexibility in working hours and schedules.

Not a Good thing

They protect the lazy and prevent persons with great work ethics from being hired.

Loss Of Individuality

Takes away the individuality of the worker, and individual needs aren't assessed the needs of the union as a whole may not be in the best interest for each person

Effect on the economy

labor unions are not good for the economy...every time the unions contracts end the union will push and fight for higher wages, or better benifits. in doing so the company will always raise the prices of the products they are producing, causeing less spending, and leading towards inflation.

Bad for economy

Companies that are bound to strict agreements are forced to pay higher than usual wages. On average an 18% increase in compensation over similarly skilled non-union employees. This effect actually decreases the employment by companies (law of supply and demand in effect; a higher price yields lower "consumption") and decreases their ability to be competitive in a global market. Majority of manufacturing jobs have gone overseas because of this.


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