United States official told AFP that Obama had asked Raul reached out www.fifacoinslee.com

South Africa, former President Nelson Mandela were re-admitted for treatment of recurrent lung infections. His doctors said, after Mandela's lung inflammation treatment, his condition has improved 27th night Mandela was admitted to a hospital for treatment of recurrent lung infections. In December,fifa 14 coins Mandela was hospitalized with pneumonia for three weeks. Hospital during, Mandela also for has removal gallstones surgery South Africa President Zuma 28th wishes 94 age senior of Mandela as soon as possible rehabilitation, he also on Mandela of treatment team said has confidence 28th, United States President Obama also on Mandela of condition also said concern, said Mandela is a hero, will themselves life dedicated to has South Africa people, Obama hopes Mandela can as soon as possible recovery health, and for Mandela and he of family prayer recently two years, Mandela number times hospital. In January 2011, he was hospitalized due to respiratory disease. Last February, he was admitted to the hospital due to abdominal infection treated Mandela South Africa anti-apartheid fighters, spoke in South Africa 27 years in Robben Island prison. In 1993, he and South Africa apartheid regime last President f w de Klerk shared the Nobel Peace Prize. In 1994, Nelson Mandela was elected South Africa's first Black President, stepped down after 5 years. Him away from the public eye in recent years, the last public appearance was in July 2010 in South Africa soccer World Cup closing ceremony.

In February 1990, after being imprisoned for 27 years, 71,www.fifacoinslee.com winner Mandela's gesture got out of the prison gates. Despite worries of a "revenge" beyond question, Mandela used to conquer the world of tolerance and reconciliation. Followed by South Africa in the race for the first time in elections, Mandela was elected the first Black President. During the term, he has a pro-active policy of ethnic reconciliation and advancement of black political and standard of living, bearing in mind the rights of white to ensure that they live and work in this period of history for South Africa citizens remembered. 54 year old health insurance company Chief Executive Ron. Laird told the associated press, when he was young, white-owned "privilege", while Mandela helped white escape the burden of guilt, "the liberation of his reconciliation to the white man. To tell you the truth, I think there will be no more in the world and the second Nelson. Nelson Mandela. ”

Under the South Africa government arrangements, from 11th to 13th, Mandela remains of the Federal building were temporarily placed in the administrative capital, Pretoria, and twice a day by hearse through the city. People may go to the Federal building, condolence, or on their side of the road to the hearse. 14th, Mandela's coffin will be transported to Mandela's home in Eastern Cape Province. 15th, belongs to free Mandela tribes held a burial ceremony for his 10th, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said at the memorial service: "he (Mandela) again ... ... We have seen leaders representing different views, see all walks of life who came here together. He had once again demonstrated the ability of Catholic-linked people together ... ... This is the true meaning of peace. "Maybe these words affected by Ban Ki-moon, speaking on stage before Obama, salute to the presence of foreign leaders, and with the Chairman of the Communist Party of Cuba, first Secretary of the Central Commission, State Councillor and Chairman of the Council of Ministers Raul Castro. Castro shook hands, Raoul returns with a smile one United States official told AFP that Obama had asked Raul reached out, shows that the American desire to improve relations with Cuba. United States and Cuba have "hostility" for nearly half a century. After the 1959 triumph of the Cuban revolution, United States Government hostility towards Cuba.

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